A Vision for the Diocese of London

SIZE: Approx. 460SQKM (Diocese of London, 17 London Boroughs)

Designs include: preparation of a vision document, leading to the development of an outline brief, feasibility studies for 3 sites for a new building type for public walk in, booked events and related administration.

Being the only organisation in UK which is recognised as being public, private and voluntary and through its membership of the Church of England, the Church has a varied and extensive stakeholder group of approx 80m members worldwide.

During its 1400year unbroken life (longer than the monarchy), the CoE has been seminal in establishing settlements (eg Westminster), regeneration (eg St Paul’s Cathedral), promoting education (eg Oxford and Cambridge, providing 25% of Primary Schools today), patronising the arts and architecture as well as extensive less well- known development both charitable and commercial. As steward and investor, its ambitions are long term.

The task was to engage the church’s core purposes with public aspirations and needs and the real estate opportunities offered today. As well as a vision document and scheme feasibilities, a paper on the ‘Iconic in architecture’ was also produced.