Theatre and ICT Suite, London

SIZE: Theatre Capacity 160 Persons

Designs include: theatre, sixth form centre and ICT to support the school’s specialist status in drama and music.

Won in late 2007, the commission for a new build, professional theatre, ICT suite and sixth form centre room reinforces the school’s Special Status in ICT, Drama and English as well as its growth. With 40 different ethnic groups, many first generation to UK and with over 40 languages spoken the architect saw this as no less than a response to the ‘Tower of Babel’ providing an environment of learning and ultimately freedom. It can be used by the public outside of school hours to maximise use and value.

It is a progressive urban building with natural ventilation for the theatre space and modern methods of construction. Located in a conservation area, the project achieved planning permission unanimously.

‘This is an important project for us and having Paul as our architect has been extremely positive especially in respect of his creative vision. Given the constraints of budget and programme achieving this vision is no mean feat and is one of the benefits of working with such a highly skilled architect.’
Julie Tomkins, Head