Innovation Warehouse, Smithfield

COST: Estimated £100K
SIZE: 1000sqm GEA

Design brief included: new innovation hub including high quality and efficient layouts, fit out and refurbishment for different office desk options, associated club area and meeting rooms.

The project claims to be the first of its kind for the co-working model and all that followed – possibly the holy grail for work and office design as well as economic regeneration. Providing investment, mentoring advice, access to professional services and quality, flexible space at affordable costs; the image internally is inspired by the iconic, listed 19th Century market building Innovation Warehouse occupies.

In collaboration with the Corporation of London, the project was for an incubator to assist the growth of new businesses. Entrepreneurs are the driving force of the next new economy. Paul Vick architects have enjoyed working with both private and institutional entrepreneurs. The start-up innovation hub has catalysed a number of ideas raising next stage finance and significant growth for companies all in the heart of London. The spatial formats for this to happen vary and include not just informal but also ranges of more formal venues and areas.